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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Shop of the week: Mannia & Titta

Please meet the lovely twin sisters Maria and Christina, the owners of Mannia & Titta.  
Both sisters are married with no pets.  However Maria has a young son that helps keep her busy.  They live on the island of Cyprus, which is in the Mediterranean sea.  They like the fact that you can gaze at the stars at night and watch children play freely in the streets during the day, without worry.  They love having grown up in this small country.

The Sisters have "day jobs" They work in the economic department of a private company and are bookkeepers for a second company.  As busy as they are they try to steal time from the usual routine to, as they say, "give life to our ideas".  They like to spend their free time with family, cooking and watching the local football (soccer) team the Apollons.  They admit to having constant energy and being u stoppable when in a creating mood.  For them 24 hours in a day is not enough for all they want to do. 

Floral Clothespins
The twins started with jewelry making about 4 years ago.  They were drawn to handmade and simple design ideas.  As their own weddings were coming up and they were eager to use vintage and Bohemian styles (not common in Crete).  With unique inspired ideas in their minds they took to the internet.  They chanced upon Etsy in their search to fulfill those ideas.  Discovering Etsy was what made them decide to form Mannia & Titta. 

Woodland Fairy Wreath
In their own words their favorite inspirational quote is "HOW TO BE HAPPY:  think about how much better off you are than some people.  So wetry tobe thankful for the moments we live in this beautiful world the Lord created for all of us."

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Article by Gail Entwistle of;    Digital Expressions and Artful Papers, Vintage Splendors & Entwistle Studio 



  1. You 2 are gorgeous as is your work. I have twin sons (31) and know the joy that twins create. Your shop photography is also outstanding and makes one want to look again! Great to "meet" you. I am presently in Thailand but live in Quebec. Καλή τύχη, Mary-Ellen (meoneil and latrouvaille)

    1. We are also 31 years old just like your sons ! It is indeed so wonderful having a twin! Thank you so much for the "good luck " Mary-Ellen, all the best to you too!

  2. I did not know about the twin thing--how cool! Even though there are two of you, I don't know how you do all you do. Love your work, and it's wonderful to learn more about you and your very busy lives ...

  3. It's so lovely to meet the faces behind the beautiful work! Wishing you continued success! xox

  4. Well, Hello beautiful ladies! I LOVE the nature theme of your shop. Everything is so pretty and beautifully photographed.

    I don't know how you have time to run a shop, work, support the team, raise your child and run your households. Living in paradise probably helps. Oh to have that much energy again.

    Congratulations on your beautiful shop,


  5. Maria and Christina it is so nice to have a look into the life behind your delightful shop. It is great to know more about you!

    If you can find a way to package and sell your vitality I will be first in line to make a purchase.

    My very best wishes to you!


  6. Such beautiful ladies you both are! I love your enthusiasm and drive to create beautiful things. Great article!


  7. Thank you all for the beautiful comments :)) we feel so lucky and blessed to be part of this beautiful team!

  8. Lovely feature!!! I love your work girls and it was a great pleasure meeting Maria 2 weeks ago. All the best for the future!!