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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shop of the Week; Green Ribbon Gems

Meet Genevieve who is the artist, designer, owner and craftswoman of Green Ribbon Gems.  When you visit her shop you will see it sparkles with color and light.
Genevieve, Cora & Aidan
Genevieve, as you can see in her picture has a great sense of humor.  She is married with 3 (soon to be 4!) kids and 2 gerbils.  Currently she is a stay at home mom with her kids and the gerbils.
Before reading the entire interview I wondered how she ended up in Newark, DE after growing up near Portland, OR.  It turns out she attended Virginia Tech getting a degree in geotechnical engineering.  She worked as an engineer until about 6 years ago when she took time off to have her daughter.  Now she works part time at home on her Etsy shops.  She spends her weekdays taking kids to school and activities, going to the playground and sometimes out to lunch for a special treat.  

Purple Glass Earrings
 As I said earlier Genevieve has a real sense of humor and part of her response when I asked how she spent her weekends proves it.  She said "On weekends we usually do family activities like raking the yard together (and jumping in the leaf piles for those of us under 6)"  They also work on  home improvement projects and some kind of craft or baking with the kids.  They like spending time as a family just being homebodies.  As for hobbies she said there isn't much time what with being a mom and an entrepreneur but she does like to read and do photography.

Whiskey Quartz
Genevieve got started on Etsy after participating in a few craft fairs and hearing about it from other vendors. Her first shop opened in April 2010.  It took some time to establish an inventory, learn how to take good photos, and start making some sales!  And now she has 3 shops Green Ribbon Gems, Bead Spark and The Azure Rose   

When asked about inspiration this was her reply "I'm inspired most by color and nature.  I really like to make simple designs with a splash of color, like many of the Swarovski crystal and glass wire wrapped earrings in my shop.  They are a simple design which translates well to many kinds of crystal, glass, or gemstone pendants.  I also like to incorporate nature such as choosing colors from the fall leaves, or adding charms to my pieces in the shapes of leaves, snowflakes, insects or animals".
Olive Pear Drop
Her favorite quote by an unknown author is;  "PEACE.  It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of all of those things and still be calm in your heart"  With all the noise and busyness of small children she often feels overwhelmed and this quote helps her to remember to try and be calm in the midst of it all. 
Genevieve has a Facebook page, a personal website,(currently under construction for much needed updating) and she distributes a bi-monthly newsletter from her website. 

Article by Gail of;    Digital Expressions and Artful Papers, Beaded Splendor & Entwistle Studio


  1. Loved getting to know you, Genevieve!! Your shop is wonderful!

  2. Dear Genevieve,

    What a treat to finally meet the creator of the beautiful jewelry in your shop. I love how you wrap your stones and the huge selection of brilliant color options.

    The photo you provided speaks volumes, you are a MOM first and LOVE being one! My children, now adults, kept me forever young and have always been my best pals.

    Congratulation on your beautiful shop!

    Keep having fun with your little people, they become big people far too quickly,


  3. I always enjoy looking at your beautiful jewelry, Genevieve, and it is now a pleasure to "get to know" the creator of such beautiful pieces.