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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Shops of the Week: Sylwia Glass Art & Sylwia Urbaniak Photography

TAGT Team would like to introduce you to the owner of Sylwia Glass Art & Sylwia Urbaniak Photography (See the World Thru My Eyes).  Say hello to Sylwia originally from Poland and now living on the West Coast. 
 A kaleidoscope of colors in Sylwia Glass Art brings back fond memories of childhood, vacations and fantasy dreams and her photography can take you on vacation without you ever leaving your living room.

Sylwia tells us  I was born and raised in the beautiful city Szczecin in north-west of Poland. I went to schools there and graduated from the University of Technology in Szczecin with a BS in Marketing and Management and MS in Logistics and Management.  A few days after I graduated I packed my backpack and together with my friends went to explore America.  I have always dreamed of seeing the Grand Canyon and that was the main reason I came to US in 2001.  I have been here since then.  There were so many other places to see so my vacation was extended.  I make my home in beautiful San Diego and live here with my husband and a gorgeous blue-eyed  furry “daughter” Maya a Siberian husky.” 
 We asked her what inspires her and for her answer to make sense, you need to know that her “day” job is as a Research Associate at a Biotech company where she genotypes and sequences DNA samples extracted from saliva.  This is what she said inspires her, “Everything and everyone around me can be my inspiration.  Sometimes I get ideas when I am at work and who would think that lab work and being surrounded by saliva samples can be inspiring at all.”  With that said you can see the beauty in her glass work.
She found Etsy after she lost her job in 2010 and went back to doing what she truly loves and that is creating art.  Etsy seemed like the perfect fit her.  She has so many followers loving each and every piece she creates whether glass or her amazing photographs.

 And her favorite piece of advice that she lives by every day, “Enjoy each day as if it is your last.”  Thank you Sylwia for sharing your passion for art with us.

FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/SylwiaUrbaniakPhotography 
Written by Alisann of Art by Alisann
Edited by Gail of Digital Expressions and Artful Papers



  1. Love reading about you Sylwia! All the best!:)

  2. Loved reading Sylwia's story! Her work is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. How lovely!!! I love your work. :-)

  4. Fabulous getting to know you better, Sylwia!!

  5. Wonderful to get to know a little more about you, Sylwia :)

  6. Sylwia, it is so nice to learn more about the lady who creates the beautiful zen painted pottery and stunning photos. You are a talented artist and I'm happy you are now able to spend your days creating.

    I LOVE the photo of you and Maya.

  7. Wonderful! Love learning more about you Sylwia!

  8. Sylwia, thanks for sharing your story!

  9. I loved reading your story Sylwia ! Thank you for helping me with Photography 101. I can't imagine having a better mentor to follow.

    Best wishes always,

  10. You are very talented Sylwia, and I love both your shops. Wesołych Świąt!