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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Shop of the Week: Anthis Batik Art

This week we are featuring a special non team shop, Anthis Batik Art.  Please meet Anthi Chatzinikolaou who describes herself as happy, optimistic, independent and free.  I won't reveal her real age but she feels 16.  Married and divorced twice she has no children but lives with 3 dogs and a cat.
She was born and grow up in Athens, in a family full of love and art. Her father was an architect and her mother a clothes designer and dressmaker who kept a house of fashion.  Her childhood interests were painting, ballet and sports.
After high school, Anthi studied drawing, painting, design, graphics and interior decoration at the Beaux Art school of Athens.  She found that being a free spirit she could not stay long in a 9 to 5 job so she decided to make her own.  Living in Greece, a tourist country she painted and sold Greek landscapes to folk art galleries.

Eventually she chose the batik painting technique.  It was chosen because the artist experiences several doubts and adventures before the final outcome.  She also works with watercolor and creative design.  Favorite subjects besides Greece for her paintings are wild animals, especially big cats, which comes from her great love for them. 
Santorini Island Greece

 She has had two one woman exhibits and been part of numerous others.  Her interest and passion for ancient history and religion, myths and traditions along with a deep desire to better understand human behavior and personalities have motivated her to study philosophy, psychology, esotericism, metaphysics, self healing and techniques using mental power.  This has led her to discover hidden abilities in the human mind.
Silk Scarf
Pressed Flower Greeting Card
 Besides her beautiful art she has many hobbies such as reading, painting, swimming, scuba diving, dancing and rallying with antique cars.  Her antique car is a 1971 Alfa Romeo.  She spends her time studying, painting, crafting, enjoying her hobbies, animals and garden.
Martha of Le Boudoir Noir recommend Etsy to her and she started Anthis Batik Art in February 2013.  The reason she decided to take Martha's recommendation was because it gave her an opportunity to present her art worldwide and to attract a larger clientele.   In October 2013 she opened BAGOBAG by Marianthi another shop with handbags she designs and her brother produces.

When asked what advice she would give her reply was, "We don't do to others whatever we don't want them to do to us".
 I hope you will visit Anti's shops and that you leave her a comment below.

Interview by Gail of Digital Expressions and Artful Papers


  1. What a beautiful shop Anthi ! You are very talented and it has been a pleasure reading your story.

    Best wishes,
    Robin ~jarmfarm on Etsy

  2. Anthi, it is so wonderful to learn about you and your beautiful artwork! Thank you for sharing your story and your shop with us!

    All the best to you!
    Leanna of Seams Victorian, Bits and Purses, and Teez Loueez on Etsy

  3. Oh my goodness, your work is incredible, Anthi!! I'm so happy to find your beautiful shop!

  4. What a multi talented woman you are, Anthi. I especially love your beautiful bags!

  5. Love your shop Anthi, especially your paintings! Happy New Year!

  6. Anthi - so great to learn more about you!! Wow, you are quite the renaissance woman!! Love it!! And your smile and twinkly eyes are wonderful!!

  7. Hi Anthi! Love to read about you and your beautiful items! All the best for the coming year! :)

  8. A wonderful interview! Lovely to get to know you and your beautiful work! :)

  9. It sounds like you enjoy a rich, full life, Anthi. I enjoyed reading about you and your creations. Best of luck in 2015 with all of your endeavors.