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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shops of the Week: Widgets and Whatsus & Beauty is ....Art Studio

Our featured Artist this week is Donna Allen a diverse woman with a very interesting life.  She tells us, “I am single and currently living in New York with my "baby", Pumpkin. "Punky" as I call him, is my 12 year old coffee and cream kitty. I am originally from East Hampton, Connecticut, and grew up between there and Howard Beach, Queens, New York." 

Donna tells us her grandmother was an artist and teacher in the early 20th century in Hartford.  She started my instruction with Marjorie House, a local artist, when I was 7 years old.  She sent me to private teachers during my school years.  Later I majored in Art at UCONN and took many private seminars, classes and instruction."  She pursued her art, receiving many awards, and a corporate career which included, among other positions, being a manager, a licensed health care assistant for the mentally disabled and a veterinarian assistant.

In 1992 she gave up painting because of health issues and corporate responsibilities.  Becoming totally disabled in 2005 did not stop Donna.  She now pursues her passion for art and antiques.  She opened her Etsy shops, Widgets and Whatsus and Beauty is...Art Studio in 2009 combing both of her loves. You can see her passion in her painting of the Hummingbird and the beautiful Antique  French Bon Bon dish. 

With a big heart and a true love for all animals, Donna is an advocate f or rescuing and fostering dogs, cats and other furry friends.  As she says “I am also passionate about respect for nature and humanity.  My fur-Baby Punky is my little boy kitty and I foster 13 outside cats and 5 raccoons.”     We did say dogs, cats and “other furry friends.” 
Besides her love for animals and her Etsy shop we asked Donna what she does in her “spare” time. She said I love crocheting, photography, gardening, decorating, antique/vintage collecting, Estate Sales, and graphic design.”  As we said earlier Donna is very diverse and interesting.  Take a look in her shops and you will take a journey through time and see the inspirations that drive Donna’s passions.

She wanted us to leave you with something that her mom used to tell  her.  “Always leave each person in your life with a feeling of being special. You may not get another chance.”   We know that is how she makes each of us feel on the TAGT Team.  And that same feeling comes through to her clients.
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  1. A talented artist shared in an enlightening and lovely article!

  2. You are so talented, Donna! Thank you for sharing your story with us. :)

  3. A lovely look into the life of a wonderful teammate!

  4. Oh Dear Donna,
    It is so wonderful to learn more about you! It doesn't surprise me at all that you are so supportive & involved in animal rights. Your kindness shines through in your treasuries and the brief chats I've enjoyed with you.

    I love your art and always enjoying seeing your new pieces.

    Your grandmother had the same philosophy as my mother and my husband! You do indeed follow it to a "T".

    Blessings to you and keep spreading your joy,

  5. Wonderful story! So glad to get to know more about you Donna! I love what your Mother said and I can tell you live by her rule!

  6. Adore Donna's paintings and it's so great to know you better Donna! I love your Mum's quote too! Thank you for sharing :)

  7. I really enjoyed reading more about Donna. I have come to love her over the years we have been on the TAGT Team together and I love her paintings.

  8. Awesome interview Donna, I've also fostered many stray cats, dog and "critters" over the years since living on a farm in the country allows me the priviledge. Be careful, the raccoons can get mean when they reach maturity. Nice to see your photo my friend! :))


  9. You are sooo gifted! What a talent! i just love the paintings! thank you so much for sharing:) Donna, i wish you all the best!

    ♥ TAGT ♥

  10. Donna is an amazing woman! So kind and loving! She is so talented and her gift of finding the most awesome vintage collectibles is amazing! I love this gal!

  11. It is so wonderful to finally put a face to the "artist". I have admired the hummingbird since joining the team and must admit that it inspired a small part of a bird tapestry I made a few years ago. I will enjoy keeping abreast of your creativity in the future.