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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shop of the Week: Inghetta Design

May we introduce you to Inga of Inghetta Design.  A talented Etsy artist who lives in beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia.  She attended Art School as a child.  Later Inga discovered paper and it changed her artistic direction.

In her own words, “I am in love with paper since I was child.  In soviet country with lack of toys and entertainments the best place for me was my table.  I could read, write, and create some things there.  I “ate” books by hundreds, I used stationery pads for a lot of my child’s goals and ideas.  I carefully collected all kind of beautiful paper scraps, pieces of magazines and newspapers.  My growing treasury was thoroughly kept, and proudly looked over.  A lot of time passes since then, but touch of paper is still highly rated for me".

Inga’s daughter pointed her towards scrapbooking.  She could combine her passion for paper and her background in design to create wonderful pieces such as these Vintage Music Paper and Great Britian Map envelopes.  She pays such attention to detail and brings vintage design into her creations.

Inga’s 3D cards are full of soft beautiful colors with traditional features.  This is one of her current Christmas Card designs.

Inga loves what she does and loves sharing it with everyone.  Each piece she makes is done one at a time by hand.  To find these one-of-a-kind works of art be sure to visit her shop on Etsy. 

We love how Inga expresses her love for paper in this way.   “Paper comes back to my life, and made it more completed and interesting.  Creating is a way of life, and by keeping ideas and projects in the head you make your time-being more beautiful.”

Interview by Alisann of Art by Alisann



  1. It's so great to read your story, Inga! I love your shop and am so glad I got to read how it came to be! Great work!

  2. So very nice to get to know you Inga! ;)

  3. Love your work and wish you much success!

  4. What a lovely story, Inga! Your work has always been such a joy to see!

  5. Such a lovely story! Wonderful to know the person behind your fabulous shop. ;)

  6. So nice to meet you Inga! I have always admired your beautiful shop. It is wonderful to read your story.