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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shop of the Week: Inghetta Design

May we introduce you to Inga of Inghetta Design.  A talented Etsy artist who lives in beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia.  She attended Art School as a child.  Later Inga discovered paper and it changed her artistic direction.

In her own words, “I am in love with paper since I was child.  In soviet country with lack of toys and entertainments the best place for me was my table.  I could read, write, and create some things there.  I “ate” books by hundreds, I used stationery pads for a lot of my child’s goals and ideas.  I carefully collected all kind of beautiful paper scraps, pieces of magazines and newspapers.  My growing treasury was thoroughly kept, and proudly looked over.  A lot of time passes since then, but touch of paper is still highly rated for me".

Inga’s daughter pointed her towards scrapbooking.  She could combine her passion for paper and her background in design to create wonderful pieces such as these Vintage Music Paper and Great Britian Map envelopes.  She pays such attention to detail and brings vintage design into her creations.

Inga’s 3D cards are full of soft beautiful colors with traditional features.  This is one of her current Christmas Card designs.

Inga loves what she does and loves sharing it with everyone.  Each piece she makes is done one at a time by hand.  To find these one-of-a-kind works of art be sure to visit her shop on Etsy. 

We love how Inga expresses her love for paper in this way.   “Paper comes back to my life, and made it more completed and interesting.  Creating is a way of life, and by keeping ideas and projects in the head you make your time-being more beautiful.”

Interview by Alisann of Art by Alisann


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


“Machel come inside!”  “ No, I want to be in nature!”  This artist thrives on being in nature.  A Zoologist by training, she cannot stay indoors, when there is so much to learn and see outside.

https://www.etsy.com/listing/85436892/butterfly-on-autumn-leaf-print?ref=shop_home_active_8Machel tells us, “I grew up all over the place as my father was in the Army.  We traveled so much I was born in Japan and spent a huge chunk of my childhood in various other countries.  Eventually we landed in Florida where I spent most of my formative years and attended college at the University of Florida,  I received a masters degree in Zoology.  After collage I relocated to Seattle to continue my education and that's where I met and married my husband of 17 years.  We have a 14 year-old daughter whom we adore!”


Machel takes her love of nature and photography and creates some amazing works of art.  “The smell of the forest is the best smell in the world and I have honed my skills of finding fungi using all of my senses, I even smell them before I find them now” Machel told us during our interview.

https://www.etsy.com/listing/68230681/mushroom-photograph-mushroom?ref=shop_home_active_6                       https://www.etsy.com/listing/84824804/pholiota-woodland-mushroom-scene?ref=shop_home_active_14
When she is not taking photos or learning about different zoological species, she teaches biology three times a week to K-8 grade kids.  Prior to teaching and when her daughter was born she worked at the Seattle Aquarium as an interpreter and bird cephalopod biologist.
 I asked Machel how she found her way to Etsy and here is her response.  “I actually started with my seashell art on Etsy many years ago.  Then I switched my shop to photography after I felt confident about my mushroom images.  I had a huge support team through Flickr that pushed me to do it full time.  The transition was pretty scary, but after about 6 months I was selling a print nearly every day!”

Mushrooms are a favorite subject in her work.  My mushroom photography has been featured in Fungi Magazine, Natural History Magazine and several cooking magazines.  I've also been approached my National Geographic about putting a book together but the terms were not to my liking.  That is why Etsy is such a great place to feature my work.  I can make what I love and share it at affordable prices.”
Her favorite words of advice “Do What You Love” and Machels’ wonderful photography sure shows she lives by her words.


Interview by Alisann of Art by Alisann


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shop Of The Week: Jewelry By NaLa

As with many artists, talent comes through their work and they prefer to say very little about themselves when asked.  Such is the case of this extraordinary jewelry artist, NaLa of Jewelry By NaLa.  A native of Chicago, she loves Chicago sports teams and is a true blue fan!
Her love of DIY projects found her early. She was inspired by HGTV, TLC and Discovery Channel TV personalities such as Lynette Jennings, Nancy Golden, Carol Duvall and Christopher Lowell. NaLa tried it all and found a passion for creating jewelry from her heart.  As she created more of the things she loved, others began to notice.  A friend suggested she sell her creations on Etsy.  The rest is history.
Her appreciation for the outdoors and vintage designs is reflected in much of her work from the most intricate flower designs to her earthy chains and vintage inspired pieces.  NaLa’s attention to detail sets her apart from others and shows in her choice of color, design and meaning put in every piece she creates. 


We asked her if she had a favorite quote or passage and she shared this with us:  "One of my two favorite quotes comes from French philosopher and writer, Michel de Montaigne: "Let us permit Nature to have Her way. She understands Her business better than we do.""
NaLa may be a bit shy, but once you experience her jewelry, you will know who she is and that she creates from her soul.
Interview by Alisann of Art by Alisann



Thursday, October 9, 2014

Featured Shop of the Week: NHQuiltArts

  Meet Nancy Henry and her husband.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone say “quilting is easy, just sew pieces of material together.”  Not so and Nancy’s work shows the attention to detail and extraordinary talent one must have to be a master at quilting. 
Her home is in Rochester, NH, but it took her a little time to get there as in her own words: “I grew up, the only child of a single mom, in Seattle.  If I could pick anywhere in the US to retire it would be there!  I went to college at the University of Pennsylvania for Business Administration and met my husband on my very first day of college.  I got married to this wonderful man at 21 and we moved to New Hampshire in 1980.  He began a long career as a university professor of engineering and we raised two boys (now 30 and 33) in this beautiful state.  We now have a daughter-in-law, a 5 year old granddaughter and a 2 year old grandson who are the sparkle in my life.

Nancy has always had a love for fabric, design and creating.  She states “ My favorite thing to make is Life Event Quilts.  I have made several wedding quilts which were also used as canopies for the weddings (Chuppahs), anniversary gifts and even a quilt that a man used to propose to his now-wife.  These quilts become heirlooms and part of the family’s history and I LOVE that!”  You can feel her passion for her quilt creations.  Her attention to detail and design also show in her work.  A Master’s Degree in Accounting sure comes in handy when creating patterns for her quilts as math is essential to the process. 

 Wall Hanging       Queen Quilt

Why does Nancy love being on Etsy?  She says “Having my own Etsy shop has afforded me freedoms that I never dreamed I would need.  An aging family member has needed me to spend big chunks of time away from my home, and last year my younger son was in a devastating motorcycle accident that necessitated me being in New Orleans to care for him for three months.” 

She has a full life outside of Etsy with her family as her main focus.  You can find Nancy in the garden, walking their dog or reading.  She embraces each day with an open heart.  And, she has the best boss in the world – herself

Visit Nancy's Etsy shop here: NH Quilt Arts

Written by Alisann of Art by Alisann
Edited by Gail of Digital Expressions and Artful Papers