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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Featured Shop of the Week: C Schmauder Watercolor & BeadsGalore2

Artists express themselves in many ways.  But what so many people overlook, in an artist, is how they came to create their art.  A life challenge, a song, a city, a belief.  Many times artists start at a young age and then let life get in the way.  But thank goodness Carol stayed on her path and used her journey to keep creating and wanting to explore.  I think for this writing that we will mostly let Carol speak for herself as she gives us an intimate view of her journey.


 “I was born and raised in Spokane, Washington.  I am the oldest of eight children and became my mother's "right hand" as each new child came along.  I grew very close to my Mom as a result of this.  We lived in the family home, in a quiet, semi-rural neighborhood, since I was 5 .   I learned to can food at a fairly early age as I helped Mom with this endeavor.  When I was about 12 it became my duty to make jam for the family.  To this day I make all the jam my children and their families eat.

When I graduated from high school I to college to study commercial art, but quit when I couldn't keep up with a full time job and school.  I married and had a bazillion children. When my youngest child was in the first grade I returned to college and received my degree in graphic design and advertising.  Immediately after graduation I started a job for a graphic design company and worked at that job for a little over a year until my son was assaulted and nearly killed by a blow to his head by a two by four.   That injury required surgery to remove a small portion of his right frontal lobe and to piece together his broken skull.  I was very blessed that he healed rapidly and suffers little as a result of this trauma.

In 1988 I discovered watercolors.  I attended a show featuring the work of Stan Miller and decided I could paint in watercolor because it was a medium I could dry after each painting session and put away out of the reach of small children's fingers.  I had painted in oils as a teenager but it wasn't feasible with my small children.  I started selling my paintings in a small restaurant and was fairly successful.



I had two failed marriages; one to a very abusive man and one to an alcoholic.  In my mid-forties I married a wonderful man who "adopted" my children as his own.  We have been married for over twenty years.  He encourages and supports me in my artistic endeavors.  He is my right-hand man when it comes to setting up for art shows and I don't think I could do it without his help.  I suffer from several chronic health issues that limit my ability to do some things and he fills in and does them for me.”
And her artistic ability does not end there.  Carol also creates beautiful jewelry
with meaning and inspirations that come from her life’s journey.  An artist who is not afraid to be vulnerable and authentic.  And it shows in her work.
When asked if she could tell us what about her passions she told us,  “My passions are music, art, and the creative process.  I enjoy trying new things when I paint and when I create pieces of jewelry.  I also enjoy seeing what other people do to create, so I attend art shows as often as I can.  I have always been extremely thankful that I had very talented parents that introduced me to beautiful art and music and that encouraged me to use and develop my talents.  They also helped me develop an appreciation for the talents of others.”

Carol's Etsy shops: C Schmauder Watercolor and Beads Galore 2
Interview by Alisann of Art by Alisann, 
Story by Carol Schmauder of CSchmauder
Edited by Gail of Digital Expressions & Artful Papers          



  1. Wonderful! Very talented woman and I love reading about you Carol!

  2. So nice to learn more about you Carol!! I love to make jam as well - just finished up with the plum jam!!

  3. Really beautiful feature Carol! So nice to read your story!

  4. What a lovely way to get to know one another! Such beautiful art comes from those who have traveled difficult journeys as you have. Knowing part of your story adds so much depth to viewing your creations. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  5. Carol, You inspire me with your story. Thank you for sharing with us!


    P.S. I'd love to try some of your homemade jam :))

  6. Carol, as I read your story, I couldn't help but feel your positive energy. Although certain portions of your life were very difficult, it seems you have chosen to fill your life with positive energy, rather than negative. You sound like such a nurturing spirit and I think the people in your world are truly blessed and enriched by your loveliness.

    It's wonderful to meet the person behind your gorgeous work.

    Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us,

  7. Carol I love reading your life' story. You're very talented woman and make beautiful art!!


  8. You have quite the history Carol, and one I would never have guessed. I rejoice that you finally found a man deserving of your creativity and independence. Your water colors are very beautiful and express your plentiful talents and inner spirit. Such a pleasure to really "meet" you. May the rest of your life be a walk in one of your beautiful paintings.


  9. I love that you took up watercolors so your creations could be safe from tiny fingers! Your unexpected path led to beautiful paintings. Thank you for sharing your story and your creativity.

  10. Carol, your story is very inspiring despite the bumpy rides you had. It is very rejoicing to see your work with the stories behind it. It would be a privilege that I could try some of your homemade jams. :)

    Thank you!