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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Featured Shop of the Week: Alli's Studio

The owner of Alli’s Studio is Allison Marie who says, “It is the creative process in any art form that is exciting and challenging and keeps me energized.
I am creative artist extraordinaire with a uniquely whimsical flare in many media. I have designed everything from jewelry, furniture, lamps, clothing, household accessories and home interiors. My tastes and style run the gamut, but I describe my personal sense of style as “whimsically eclectic.”

Allison grew up in Atlanta, GA, raised by an artistic mother who would take over the dining room table with her latest project. Her mother’s sculptures and paintings filled their home.

"I have always been intrigued by art and the artistic process," With friends and family encouraging her, Allison turned her passionate hobby into a career. "I love color and patterns especially plaids, checks and harlequin. I love all things whimsical. I find inspiration all around me - it could be a piece of fabric, the formation of the clouds, a song or a daydream!"

In 2011, Allison opened her Etsy shop, after having been requested to do custom wedding invitations for a bridal shop owner. In 2012, she decided to leave a job she loved working as public relations and marketing director for a non profit organization. She was following her dream to make Alli’s Studio her full time job. Although Allison is living her dream job, she still volunteers with philanthropic groups, assisting with event planning, communications and marketing. Her handsome husband, Richard, is her top supporter and business manager, doing all the number crunching so she is free to create with abandon. They just recently celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary.

Allison tells a story of a physic reading she received from a friend over ten years ago, in which she was told she would achieve her dream of being a graphic illustrator, but that she also needed to add book illustrator to the dream. At the time, she didn't trust her talent and never thought to venture into that market. Recently, a friend of a friend contacted Allison and asked her to design the cover for his book. This is Allison's first book cover design, of which she is extremely proud.
She now has ten designs under her belt and is working on the 3rd of a 12 part series for the same author, JD Shaw.

Allison’s creativity is almost unlimited. Her shop produces custom designs for logos, invitations, stationery, wedding decorations and much more. Her joy comes from exploring her clients personality and translating that into a custom masterpiece for them. She loves the fact that her clients also find joy in her creations. All of Allison’s designs are original, drawn from scratch using the computer and her mouse as her tool. She says each piece is inspired. Her favorite color purple is used in many of her designs.

Allison’s work has been featured in Well Wed NY, New York Wedding Spotlight and Florida Bride.

Along with her dream job, Allison loves to cook, decorate and travel. She lives in Upstate New York in the Finger Lakes region, so hiking and traveling the region for fabulous festivals, wine tastings or exploring the bountiful gorges and waterfalls is a must for her and her husband. Outside of her family and spirituality, she is passionate about designing. It is where she finds her joy and it is the purest sense of herself. She feels the most connected to the world when designing and finds it exhilarating and satisfying beyond measure.

Allison and her husband have a combined family of boys. Richard has 3 boys and Allison has 2. They are all grown, so their family currently consists of an 11 year old cat, Chihiro (Chi Chi) and a 1 year old lab mix, Pepper (Peppermint Paddy).

I asked Allison what her favorite piece of advice is. She says, "Be still and listen to that inner voice, it's never wrong!"

Allison would like to have more time to explore social media but you can find her here:

Etsy shop: Alli's Studio
Facebook: Alli's Studio
Twitter: Alli's Studio
Blog: Alli's Studio
Pinterest: Alli's Studio
Google+: Alli's Studio

Article edited by Gail of Digital Expressions, Entwistle Studio, and Beaded Splendor


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