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Thursday, March 13, 2014

We Go Together

Beach wedding? Skip the veil and wear this hand embroidered wreath by LandofDante (www.etsy.com/... ). SomsStudio’s crystal bracelet (www.etsy.com/... ) imitates the surf, & Anastasiya’s shoe clips (www.etsy.com/... ) are the color of clouds. Paul made the nature-inspired invitations (www.etsy.com/... ), & Jennie’s DuryeaPlaceDesigns ampersand add to the d├ęcor (www.etsy.com/... ).

Kelly's paisley note cards give an old world flavor to this crisp, modern collection. www.etsy.com/... Gabrielle's cue ball earrings are sporty, yet can be worn anywhere www.etsy.com/.... Kim's infinity scarf is great www.etsy.com/... on a cool day at the ball game. Melissa's personalized ring holder is perfect in a modern home. www.etsy.com/...