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Monday, September 16, 2013

A Special Tribute: We Love You, Alisann!

This week, we are taking an opportunity to celebrate a wonderful lady and special TAGT member.  We are pleased to introduce you to Alisann, who is the owner of Abees Art Studio and Sew Alisann Her shops are not currently open for business, but we want to give you a glimpse into the world of Alisann!

Alisann has been painting since she was 10 years old. After graduating from Burges High School in 1968, she studied at the El Paso Art Museum and the University of Texas at El Paso. Her work can be seen in galleries from Colorado to Texas.

Both her Pet Portraits and Baby Ultrasound Art come from a very personal connection and experiences. Her passion and love for dogs brought her to her pet portraits. Furbabies are the best!
Alisann was watching "Pregnant in Heels" and noticed how the baby nursery was decorated. The nursery was decorated in beautiful colors, linens furniture and accessories. Then a black and white framed photo of the Ultrasound hung on the wall over the baby's bed. From that, she began working on creating a Keepsake Work of Art out of a black and white ultrasound. Her Baby Ultrasound Art was "born." It took over 4 months to perfect the process because she wanted to stay as true to the original image as possible.
Not only can you celebrate the birth of a baby, but also commemorate the loss of a child. Alisann lost her first child at only a week old. At that time they did not have ultrasounds. It would have been a wonderful way to remember Guinevere if she had this wonderful keepsake. 

You can see that what Alisann creates in her Baby Ultrasound Art comes from a very personal experience.

About a year ago, Alisann had the great opportunity to share her ultrasound art with her community when she was interviewed by a local television station. htttp://www.abc15.com/dpp/lifestyle/sonoran_living/having-a-baby-alisann-smookler-turns-ultrasounds-into-artwork

Alisann not only is an artist, but she has a background in real estate as well.  We gathered up some special stories from friends and relatives who wanted to join us in celebrating the life of an amazing woman!

I was a new agent at Keller Williams and had just started taking the new agent training classes. Very quickly, Alisann became one of my favorite "teachers". She was warm, funny, personable, didn't take herself  too seriously, but was very smart and professional and had been a real estate veteran for a long time.
As a new agent, I quickly realized how much I didn't know. As months went by, and I started to get some clients, let's say some very "demanding" clients, Alisann you know what this means, I approached Alisann about being my mentor. At this time, she was very, very busy, but still made as much time for me and my million questions, as she could. She also covered me as I went on a long planned family vacation in the middle of a difficult deal.
At this time Alisann suggested that as she was taking on some new responsibilities, she would like to introduce me to her husband, Rick, and see if I would like to work with him. I was very hesitant and didn't want anybody else but Alisann! Long story short, I adored Rick and we had a very successful time together, he was even more laid back, funny, encouraging, brilliant and always answered his phone!  I joked later  that I liked Rick even better than Alisann!!!!!
She knows I am eternally grateful to her for everything in those early times, and even for sharing her husband with me!!
With Love, Your Favorite Agent, Colleen Cappelli

From Theresa:

We call Alisann and her family friends. When my husband and I brought our house in Las Vegas, she went above and beyond. A hitch came up with the VA at the last minute.  Without the help Alisann provided we would never have been able to move in.
Again, when a friend of us both passed away, she helped sorting out the household goods and setting up a sale. It turned into a happy occasion for all of us.
Her family is ready to help anybody who needs it. All her friends in Las Vegas miss her and Rick, since they moved to Phoenix.

When it comes to women with ‘heart’, Alisann is the epitome!   
As a background, I referred my sister and brother-in-law to Alisann and Rick over 20 years ago
to help them find a place to live in Las Vegas.   It was simply a real estate referral to someone
who could take good care of my family in their move.   Normally, I never meet a referral agent
or I might not even have another conversation again with that agent.   HOWEVER, For some reason,
Alisann and I created a bond through the years from afar. 

We shared family events, illnesses and stories even though we didn’t know each other very well... yet.    I had only been around Alisann 2 or 3 times during the past years, yet there was a kinship between us.   
In 2008, my brother was murdered in Phoenix, AZ. Alisann and Rick were living in Scottsdale at the time.   She kept up with me via emails on a regular basis asking progress of the trial.    Finally, in 2011 the trial was scheduled and actually occurred after many, many delays.    I let Alisann know that I would be there for the entire trial and wanted to see her while I was there.   This amazing woman not only “saw” me…she picked me up at the hotel every day….and sat through every day of the trial with me…for TWO MONTHS!    I don’t know how I would have gotten through that time without having her as a soul mate….she and I could talk to and from the court….she would let me vent about what had happened that day…and we could always find some DARK HUMOR out of the farce that was taking place in the courtroom.  You see, the defendant was representing himself and was making
a mockery of the whole justice system. It was disgusting and hard to sit through. 

A few days were incredibly difficult and Alisann would not let me go back to the hotel until she and Rick took me to dinner and let me decompress. Alisann allowed me to be myself during that time; she let me complain or cry; she let me vent.  She and I found amazing laughter in the midst of all the awfulness of this trial.  Laughter has always been a coping mechanism for me…even in the worst of times.    I can visualize her laughing…I can “hear” her laughing.  

That trial ended in a hung jury due to one bad juror….so…..two years later (this year), we had to do
It all again.   I simply couldn’t sit through that trial a second time (which encompassed 3 months)…
I did fly out for the jury selection and start of the trial.    Once again Alisann was there.    She was
not feeling well, yet spent the entire day in the courtroom with us.   

How do you say a proper “THANK YOU” to someone so dear and loyal.   She IS a sister!