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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Featured shop of the week: Pinara Design

I am pleased to introduce you to Pinar, owner of the Etsy shop Pinara Design.

Born and raised 40 years ago in the beautiful and historic city of Istanbul, Turkey, Pinar was blessed with wonderfully artistic parents and a younger sister whom she adores! Of them she says, " My parents… when we get together, we always talk about history and art. They expand my brain; give me new clues for research. Art is always in my life. I grew with art and at the end I became an artist. My parents always create wonderful things… not only drawings or sculpture… When I was child my mother always made for us puppets, interesting toys and fancy cloths. Taught me how to sew, thanks to my mummy. When I was 13 years old they made a fiber glass sailing boat and they taught me how to sail… Then they bought a big lemon garden which has an old stone village house in it. They restored the whole garden and house. They made wooden and stone works by themselves. And they are still creating… and give me inspiration always.
My dear sister is a fan of my works and is my best friend."
Pinar's father is a graphic designer and her mother is a ceramics artist and a sculptor.  Both graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts.  Pinar also attended the same university and received two degrees; one in Printing Technology and the other in Graphic Design. 

Pinar employed her skills when she owned her own printing and graphic design agency for four years.  She then went to work for another graphic agency as their art director.  From there, she became the art director and manager for an international hr and consulting firm.

In 2006, Pinar married her husband, Ertan, the love of her life whom she met while working at the same firm. In her words, "He is also my best friend and source of inspiration of my art works. He is my logic man, my second eye and the other half of my soul."  Ertan is a photographer and Pinar describes him as  " my second eyes; he shows me the different ways to look."

"When I finish a new design, I immediately share with Ertan and we brainstorm about it."

The couple have no children but consider their 5 year old ginger cat, Bucuk, to be the equivalent. They adore him! He brings much fun and happiness to their lives and as a side note, Pinar added, "And he is a great helper for distracting attention and kidnapping my equipment." I am sure there are many of us that can relate to that statement!


The fast paced lifestyle of Istanbul enticed Pinar and Ertan to leave their jobs, pack up Bucuk, and move to the seaside city of Antalya, Turkey.  It is another city surrounded by ancient historical sites which they love to explore. They are a rich source of inspiration for both Pinar and Ertan. It is also where they set up their Etsy shop. For years, Pinar reflects, "I have researched about Anatolian history, ancient art, Turkish lace, vintage crochets, semiprecious stones, authentic fabrics... People around me began to encourage me to share my designs with the world. This is when my colorful journey begins. Pinara Design is like my child. For me it is an amazing journey. Each day I grow more and I learn more. It is endless, colorful excitement. And I am soo lucky that I am not alone in this journey."

"I feel really lucky to be living at this huge historical country. There are so many different ancient civilizations in our land. Lycia, Hittite, Ottoman Empire, Ion, Urartus, Byzantine, Selcuk…many many different styles of art and ancient civilizations. This keeps me searching with more excitement. Finding new treasures from the past is a great journey. As a graphic designer searching ancient art and designs gives a new perspective for creating."

"I love the creative process and researching; matching colors and combining them with different motifs. I love playing with colors. I feel that I am still growing and learning more with each of my designs."
 One of Pinar's favorite items in her shop are these gorgeous earrings.

Just in time for spring, take a look at this beautiful necklace!

Finally, this golden wedding bracelet would be the envy of any bride!

Another great love for Pinar is books. She loves to read and considers books to be a precious gift. She is also fond of sailing and scuba diving

Creating a beautiful home is also very important for Pinar. She loves to knit, paint, sew and do new things for her home.
Her whole day is divided between her Etsy shop, a lot of research and the men in her life. If there is time left over, she likes to go to the movies or concerts for entertainment.
Want to see more of Pinar and what inspires her?  Check out the other places you can find her on the web:
Finally, I asked Pinar to share her favorite piece of advice.  I love her response.
"After we moved from the big, fast and cosmopolitan city, Istanbul, to much slower, warmer and greener city, Antalya, I realize that during a normal day we miss a lot of small miracles that make us alive and give us new perspective. So when you wake up, first go outside and look around you; smell the air, hear the little bird singing (even in the big city), feel on your skin (rainy or sunny, doesn’t matter), and see the all colors around you, because it is a new day and you are the lead actor of it. Whatever happens and whomever you meet during the day, there is always a reason for something or it teaches you something."
Article written by Leanna of Seams Victorian, Bits and Purses, and Teez Loueez.


  1. I love the idea of getting to know team members this way. Since I've only been a member for a few months, this is the first "up close and personal" review I have read. Very interesting. Thanks for doing this!

  2. Wonderful to learn more about Pinar and her creative life ... and I love Bucuk! ;)

  3. What a beautiful post to learn about you Pinar! One of these days I hope you visit your beautiful city and meet you in person, so I can really learn to say all those wonderful Turkish words you have taught me!

    Bende seni kucakliyorum, Pinar! Harikasin!

    Thank you Leanna for this wonderful up close and personal visit with our Pinar!

    Cok Tesekkur ederim!

  4. This is a wonderful interview. I am new to the team as well, so I know I'll enjoy these blog posts very much!
    Jill @ TopBlockType

  5. How wonderful to get to know our dear teammate, Pinar, a little better. What a wonderful write-up. Just glorious!
    Best wishes and love to Pinar,

  6. Love this post and your story Pinar!
    Can I come and visit you? :) Visiting Turkey is on my bucket list.

  7. Beautiful history of dear Friend Pinar,Thank you Leanna for this great idea !
    l hope you will have lots of success in your lovely life

  8. Your works are shining Pınar. I love your art as well as your heart you put into them. Wonderful to get to know you. Kiss Bucuk and all your beautiful family.

    When we meet in Istanbul? Can't wait to meeting you my dear friend !!!
    Pınar (Land of Dante)

  9. I'm delighted to read your story Pinar. I have always been fascinated by your shop and the gorgeous creations that you have made.....now I understand why!

    Best wishes,

  10. So nice to "meet" you through your story, Pinar!!
    Several years ago I visited Anatalya and saw all these ancient historical sites you're talking about.
    I loved this small city near the Mediterranean Sea:)

    I love your special crocheted creations!!


  11. This delightful! Thank you, Leanna, for creating this wonderful post! And thank you, Pinar, for sharing so much of yourself with your teammates. I have loved having this opportunity to learn more about you, your family, and your life. Many blessings!
    Michelle, the Tinker

  12. It was great to get to know you better, Pinar!

  13. Dear Leanna, thank you for this awesome article :)
    And Dear Friends thank you for your kind words ! Each of you are awesome and I am really happy to be part of this awesome group.

    Heyy Sylwia, you have to come Turkey. We are waiting for you :D
    And Pinar, I really miss my lovely city Istanbul. I will come as soon as possible. Can't wait to meet you, too :D

    Warm Hugs

  14. This was a fantastic read for a sunday night. Pinar as always I love love love your work!!!! Leanna thank you for creating such a wonderful blog entry.


    Decora Mood


  15. Loved reading about your family life especially! How blessed you were and still are!