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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: Mintook

I'd like to introduce you to Mina, who is the owner of Mintook on Etsy and has been a longtime member of the TAGT Team.

Mina is 61 years young and lives in small city near the Mediterranean Sea. She has been happily married for 40 years and mentions that her husband is a big help to her with her Etsy shop. In fact, he and one of her daughters set up her shop since English is not her first language and is a struggle to understand.

Mina is also the proud mother of 3 beautiful daughters and 3 amazing granddaughters to which she adds, "Thank God!*

One of Mina's daughters owns the Etsy shop Bindu Glass which you may recognize as one of the most lovely bead shops on Etsy. Another of her daughters is a Lawyer and the youngest works in the Geology field. With the addition of the 3 granddaughters, Mina says her husband is surrounded by nothing but women!

Mina grew up in a little town near Tel-Aviv, Israel. At the age of 18, she entered the army and while there learned to be a teacher of art and handcrafts. She served as a teacher for six years in a junior school then decided to open a private studio in her home. Her love of nature inspired her to create a lovely space where women can come and learn embroidery and lace making for their pleasure. She teaches them to make curtains, pillows, lampshades, bags and embroidery. She has been working on her handcrafts since she was 25 years old.

Here is a look at some of the gorgeous lace Mina creates covering a stone.

A lover of antiques, Mina surrounds herself with art, books, movies, clothing and jewelry from times long past. She loves the retro and shabby chic styles as well. She collects all kinds of things, especially antique items and admits that her home is full of them. Her art is also greatly inspired by designs from other eras and her love of trees, flowers and all of nature. Just take a peek into her shop and you will see much lace and a definite presence of a bygone era.

This lovely lampshade is one of several variations of shades Mina has in her shop.

Not only does Mina craft household items to beautify your home, but she creates beautiful pieces of wearable art. Combined here are vintage ribbon lace, gems and stones fashioned into this beautiful bracelet.

One of Mina's hobbies is raising rare and unique orchids. She has 2 greenhouses which mimic the natural environment of the orchids so they are able to thrive. As you might imagine, she also has a big beautiful garden.

I was also able to get a few words from Mordi, Mina's husband. He says this about his beloved wife, "Mina is a very unique person. She likes to create a beautiful world around her so she created for us a beautiful house and garden where we live, and a beautiful family.

She has unique orchids collection in a greenhouse and she creates all the day special hand works of all kinds.

Mina has students that come to her every week to learn to do hand works, a few of them have been in Mina's class more then 20 years.

I do not know from where she discovers new ideas but probably this is a talent, a gift from God to artists persons like Mina.

Of course, the greatest product she did is our family , 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters plus one more in a week [we hold fingers], and she does all she can to keep then as a close warm family that are always in touch and take care of each other.

That is Mina, doing things all day long till midnight."

Article written by Leanna of Seams Victorian, Bits and Purses, and Teez Loueez.


  1. What a wonderful feature, Leanna. I absolutely did not know that the owner of Bindu Glass was Mina's daughter--I've featured her gorgeous beads in many a treasury! Mina's shop and her daughter's are both favorites of mine, and it is wonderful to get a sneak peek into the personal lives of these talented ladies!

  2. This is wonderful! I am so happy to read more about Mina and her gorgeous work. I'm off to add Bindu Glass to my favorites.
    Here's wishing Mina many more lovely inspirations and many sales.

  3. I enjoyed reading about you, Mina!!
    Nice to know that these beautiful vintage items in your shop are handmade by you :)
    It is a surprise for me, too, to learn that Binduglass is your daughter's shop!!
    Amazung art work from both of you :)

  4. What a great article about a very special lady! WOW, what fabulous accomplishments and so much talent!! Fabulous, Mina!I am in awe that your daughter is Binduglass! I have always admired her work...Donna♥♥

  5. BEAUTIFUL INTERVIEW MINA ~ and YOU are gorgeous! I love reading all these things about you. So interesting ~ Would love to see pictures of your GARDEN and GREENHOUSES!

    So surprised to learn my favorite GLASS BEAD person is your DAUGHTER! Talent runs in your family! Then to read you where in the Army. You are so tiny, I can't imagine you as a Military person. God Bless!!!

    A new Grandchild coming soon. How very exciting and can't wait to hear about that also!

    Truly an enjoyable interview~ Totally loved it!

  6. Hi Mina, I really enjoyed reading your story. I too am in awe of your talent and that of your daughter. I am also a fan on Binduglass. You are your family are amazing! I agree with Jayne, let's see your garden and your lovely orchids. I have never been able to keep an orchid alive but can grow just about anything else. It is a challenge to the most talented gardener. So glad to learn more about you :))

  7. Lovely article. It's nice to learn more about our team members. Thanks, Leanna and Mina.

  8. Amazing life story and so talented artist! Keep it up,Mina!

  9. Nice to meet you Mina and how fun to be surrounded by family!


  10. What a beautiful article! Mina it sounds like you have a wonderful family and a husband who adores you very much!!!!

  11. What a great feature, Mina! Loved learning more about you and your family... I did not know that BindiGlass is your daughter! Thanks!!

  12. Wow! Great reading about you Mina!

  13. It was great getting to know you better, Mina!

  14. it is wonderfull to know our frineds Mina 's life throught Leanna,

    Thank you Leanna and Mina !!!

  15. Thank you Leanna for this wonderful window into Mina’s life. Mina was my secret Santa and I received from her one of the beautifully decorated stones. I didn’t know about Bindu Glass! What a nice surprise. I love that shop. Creativity runs in your family blood Mina.

  16. Mina, you are a treasure! If it weren't for these features, we wouldn't know fantastic everyone's life journey has made them into the souls they are today.

    Thank you Leanna for investing time to write these lovely features.


  17. oh WOW Mina! It was so great to learn more about you! LOVE your story. :-)

  18. Oh Mina...

    Your Orchids are gorgeous and your Garden! It's like a dream.

    The Orchid was my Mother's most FAVORITE flower. They always make me think of her!


    Love & Hugs~


  19. Fabulous article. So nice to get to know the people behind the work. Your garden looks amazing.

  20. Awesome story! It was great to read about you, Mina. Beautifully written Leanna :)

  21. I'll tell ya, if I were an orchid living in such a pampered, beautiful environment and cared for so so lovingly, I'd be one happy, healthy, gorgeous flower! Let me tell you, Mina, you could sell your beautiful orchid photos, no problem. Your home and gardens should be featured in House Beautiful Magazine--contact them! ;)

  22. Love your story, Mina! ♥ You have a lovely shop and sounds like a beautiful family!

  23. Mina,

    Love your creativity and talent. Glad to know that your sharing your skills with your students. Amazing work!


  24. Mina your orchids and home and garden are truly a delight to behold! I love the palms and if I lived in your climate I would have a garden full of them too :)) Thank you Leanna for adding the garden photos. There are many garden lovers out there ♥

  25. Mina~ What a delight to get to know you! You sound like a beautiful soul. Thanks for sharing your art, gardens and self with all of us. ~Karrita

  26. Charming write up that shows we have some things in common, gardening not the least of them. It is wonderful to actually "meet" the people behind the shops.


  27. Hi Mina...and Hi to your charming husband and family...what a wonderful legacy -- helping others create beautiful works of art for so many years. Your lovely home and gardens are very inspiring for certain. AND your gorgeous orchids must be a source of great pleasure every day. Thank you for sharing the world of Mina with us!!

    xxoo pam