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Monday, January 23, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: Stitches and Hearts

This little ball of energy, Bekah, is the owner of Stitches and Hearts. Originally from the coast of Virginia, she received her BA in Communication from Christopher Newport University, then set her sights on a Masters in Speech Communication, which she acquired upon graduating from the University of Georgia, located in Athens, Georgia. Bekah currently makes her living as a Human Resources Associate for a nonprofit near Washington, D.C. which she says, "is great because I am a HUGE people person. I am a very, very communal person. I jump at the opportunity to be with people any day of the week!"

In her free time, Bekah leads a Christian youth group of 6th grade girls. Her focus in particular lies in fostering self esteem in these young women. "It is a HUGE drive for me in why I do what I do. They are SUCH a big part of my life, and they definitely teach me way more than I teach them." I could almost hear her beaming in the email!

I asked Bekah to tell me what or who inspires her in her craft. Her exact words tell the story so beautifully. "My mom is the entire reason why I am crafty. I have always been musical, but there is a BIG difference in art types. My mother is a wonderful painter, and I grew up with her always trying to teach me hands on art. I have always been mathematical, and so when she and my father started raising alpacas and spinning the wool into yarn, I found my perfect niche,in knitting! Knitting helps me connect to my mother on an artistic level, even though it's all about counting and repetition! I also think that it's a GREAT stress reliever - and it helps me be patient enough to sit still sometimes and just rest."

When I asked what she is passionate about, this was Bekah's response, "As odd as this sounds, I am very passionate about emotions in general. I studied emotion in graduate school, and what I believe of art is that it draws us in by the emotions they make us feel. Emotions cause us to linger, to crave, to get up and be something. Even in our worst sadness, we are driven to move.

Bekah's mom had an Etsy shop and at that time, people could bid on jobs in the Alchemy feature Etsy offered. Her dad encouraged her to bid on a job. Bekah says, "Oddly, my very first sale was sewing decorations on a pair of Chuck Taylors. I made an account, won, and fixed the shoes. Soon after I decided to start up an actual shop, and started putting up my knit creations. After that, my shop just seemed to expand itself.

One of Bekah's favorite creations is this pair of gloves, which is consequently the very first pair she ever made. An avid collector of buttons, Bekah says, "I LOVE collecting up buttons! I search for them everywhere, and sometimes even purchase thrift store shirts just to cut them off and keep them until I find a cool project to use them on. I wish I could find these same buttons again."

Another personal favorite for Bekah are her one of a kind, yarn scrap gloves. They are a compilation of all of her gloves and they are darling! Here is a look at them in a current listing on Etsy:

"Finally, I just ADORE making these long gloves, because I never get bored with all the color changes. I also just really like the picture because my blue hair looks so good. They are also one of my best selling gloves!"

Bekah also wanted to add that she has an amazing husband that serves as not only "cheerleader" for her Etsy business, but he has been known to photograph her creations and participate as a model as seen here. "It's because of him that I even have a mens' line of products at all!! He loves it when I take time out to knit, because it means that he can get in some quality video game time with his Xbox 360."

You can also find Bekah elsewhere on the web:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/StitchesnHearts
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/stitchesnhearts/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stitches-and-Hearts/173163612789008?sk=wall

Finally, I asked Bekah to share her favorite piece of advice. "Oh wow, how can I pick? One thing that's really affected me is something that I was told in a Christian Organization in college. One of my leaders looked at me one day and said "Sometimes you have to be that which you want to change." Meaning, staying away in a bubble is NEVER going to affect change anywhere. You have to meet people exactly where they are to reach out and lift them up. I am very, very blessed to somehow be able to make people feel comfortable and open up. Maybe it's because I'm so short," she says with a giggle.

Interview and article written by Leanna of Seams Victorian, Bits and Purses, and Teez Loueez.


  1. Bekah- so nice to learn more about you- adorable.
    Wonderful bio and love the quotes- very inspiring
    Love your work- next time I need some gloves....

  2. Bekah I love learning more about you..its nice to see your beautiful face which always hiden behind your gloves..what a great article Leanna..I love learning about all about our members TAGT..I love reading the blog posts.

  3. Bekah it is so nice to read your story and get to know you better! I always suspected that you were your own model and now I know that your husband is too. How delightful! So happy that you shared this with us.


  4. It is so great to get to know you Bekah! I have admired your photography and product pictures and to know your husband is part of it is awesome! All the best and look forward to seeing you on front page often!

    My best,
    Rich from Sizzlestrapz

  5. I enjoyed to read very much about Bekah.I absolutely love her colorful long gloves as well,
    I wish many more success on your way

  6. It's so wonderful to finally read about you Bekah! You are just an awesome person. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Im happy after reading it! You seem to be so cheerful and "free"! I know the girl behind the lovely treasuries and the Harry Potter gloves a bit more :) All the best!

    (Little White Boutique)

  8. Wonderful to learn more about Behak. What a lovely, kind, and energetic woman you are! The talent goes withou saying! You work is amazing. I love buttons, too. Patti.xo

  9. Great feature! It's so fun to read more about Bekah and get to know her better this way.

  10. Lovely story! And lovely advice! Really it made me think. Hm...I'll maybe will keep thinking of it until I'll have a chance to fall in a real situation that involves it. It always happens to me after I read something intriguing. Thank you, Bekah, nice lesson.
    But besides part of my curiosity now is satisfied to know who stays behind the shop. I'm always so fond of reading you features, Leanna.
    Good luck, Bekah!
    P.S. Like Patti who wrote before me...I keep a secret fond to buttons too. There is something around them :)))

  11. Awwww! LOVE this and learning more about you Bekah! You are adorable personified and LOVE your heart for those girls!! That is where my heart is, too!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Oh our sweet, sweet Bekah! I knew there was a sensational person behind that camera! Love your story! Love the collecting of Buttons ( I love buttons too~ but have limited myself to the wood and now make my own fabric ones )

    I am truly impressed with your Christian Youth Group... GOOD FOR YOU~ Our Youth certainly needs guidance, especially the young girls with the self esteem! Extra prayers being said for YOU and GOD'S GUIDANCE with that!

    You are truly one of the many blessings God has given us! Very honored to know you!

    Love & Hugs~


  13. Great post, glad to meet you and put a face to the name Bekah!


  14. Lovely story! I'm so happy to know more about you! Thank you! :)

  15. Bekah, my little sis, you and I are more alike than originally thought...yikes!! I so love the sharing of your journey so far...as you have many many more years for making a difference in others' lives ala those young ladies. Continue being the bright light and never stop giggling. And YAY for hubs who participate.

    xxoo Pam

  16. Very sweet interview, Bekah! It's a pleasure to put a face and story to a name. Good for you for going after your dreams!


  17. Bekah... it is so wonderful to get this chance to learn more about you! Hugs!! ~Keri

  18. Hi Bekah--
    It's so much fun to hear your voice here! Your attitude certainly shows in your work. I'm a knitter too and love to make things with the leftovers! And what I really love is all the colors of HAIR I'm seing in these photos!

    Hugs from Katy
    Far Flung Cards

  19. Bekah~
    What a wonderful feature! Love your enthusiasm for life!

  20. That's my wonderful daughter!!!! Shes good at everything she tries!

  21. Bekah, you are just too much fun! You're like a bubble of happiness. So glad to have become your friend in TAGT :D Thank you for sharing more about yourself with us! I'm wishing you all the success in the world in your Etsy shop!