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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Featured Shop of the Week: Antler Pantry

This week, I have the pleasure of sharing a very special shop and person with all of you. Linda, the owner of Antler Pantry, is also my big sister. I'm so thankful to have her in my life and so proud to have her serving on the TAGT Team as a leader. I hope you enjoy a little look into her life and I know you will enjoy her personality as it really shines through in this interview. She gave me 3 photos to use, and I chose this one. She made sure to tell me that she is the one on the right!

Linda begins her story, "I come from a family of 4 girls, of which Leanna is one. I grew up in Spokane, WA and lived there pretty much until about a year ago. (except for a 6 month stint living in Seattle, WA in my early 20's)

We were Middle class with a working Dad and stay at home mom but nowhere near a Leave-It-To Beaver type family. :) Are there really any of those?"

I know Linda as a very intelligent and versatile woman, which shows in her past work experience. She says it best, "I always felt I should go on to be Something Important - like a Neurosurgeon, discover a cure for something, somehow leave my mark...but I was too interested in Everything to focus and have the dedication to complete just 1 area of study. Consequently, I never figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up." I just have to interject that I am convinced Linda has crafting A.D.D. I've seen her studio and it is clear she is indeed interested in "everything".

She goes on to say, "I started working for the phone company (then Pacific Northwest Bell) just before getting married and moving to Seattle. I worked in various positions and finally landed in Large Business Marketing working on the equipment side of the house, and learned programming telephone switches and voicemail systems. I worked there for 17 yrs and one day my older sister was diagnosed with MS. At that moment, I decided that life really is too short and we should be happy for as much of it as we can be. I left the phone company shortly thereafter and began a job with a start-up phone company.

I worked with start-up phone companies for the next 10 years, helping them get up and running on the technical and network side. That was never a career path I had in mind as a young adult but don't regret the time and all the training I received.

Talking about unexpected career paths- I now saw up antlers for dog chews." :)

Not only does Linda have a great business mind, but she is a loving and devoted mom as well. "My daughter is my only child. She is the light of my life (except for the usual 15-16 yr old timeframe when she was possessed). It is amazing to me to see the blend of her dad's traits and mine. The good ones are from me, of course. :)

I was married for 10+ years and then divorced with a new baby, single for 20 years, and now married again going on 2 yrs.

My daughter is 23 and living in Arizona. That is the one place I always wanted to live, but with her dad being in Spokane, that didn't feel like an option. Funny that she is there now and I am still -NOT. :) Her dad is moving there at the end of this year. :) I am still working my hubby to convince him to go there too at least for 6 months out of the year," she says.

Life comes with it's challenges. Linda's outlook is always geared towards what we can learn from each event. She shares, "I had another perspective altering moment when my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 10 yrs old. She had just come back from a 10 day vacation in Disneyworld with her dad, and when I saw her I was sure she had some incurable disease and was about to start the grieving process (only a slight exaggeration I assure you) when the doctor came back to say she was going directly to the hospital because she was diabetic. I could have done a happy dance in the parking lot - which would have been an inexcusable reaction normally - but she was not dying! That initial over reaction of mine has been a blessing - since I am always grateful it was not cancer or anything terminal, the rest is workable."

How did she get started selling on Etsy? Linda replied, " Starting a shop on Etsy was Leanna's idea. Not that she is the boss of me...that is mostly for her...but it was one of her better ideas. :)

My Sewcial Graces shop was the first - opened in 2007. The going was so slow it came to a standstill, I have just recently re-opened it. Here is a look at some of her recent work in this shop.

My main job is making antler dog chews for Antler Pantry. I have a website along with my Etsy shop : http://www.antlerpantry.com/ and during most of the year I do Farmer's Markets and craft shows."

Here's a look at a few of Linda's shop favorites.

Linda says this when asked about her hobbies, "My hobbies all show up in my shops, eventually. I love crafting and remodeling houses. With the new husband - I need to stick to crafting. The older I get- and the harder it is to get up from squatting, I tend to agree with him on the no remodeling. But there is still always a plan going on in my head." :)

I asked Linda to share her favorite piece of advice. She indeed has a profound answer, "I believe I have always led a charmed life. I choose to believe that anything that comes along is only for my betterment, or the betterment of those around me. I have had to learn that I can't control all - and that even if I could, my vision would be so limited, that I would possibly cause more harm than good trying to orchestrate things to my liking. Life is an adventure and just like remodeling or crafting, it is always a challenge to figure out how to work with what you've been given."

I have so enjoyed the camaraderie and support from the people on this team. People enter our lives for a reason, even via cyberspace. ;)

This article was submitted by Leanna of Seams Victorian, Bits and Purses, and Teez Loueez.


  1. great article and whooooo knew u two were sisters??? Everyone but me.. Probably!
    I think we all set out to make a mark in life, accomplish a goal... but we return to our real passion in life~that we sometimes set aside for LIFE!
    Isn't it Great to get to this SPOT? We can be who we really are and do what makes our hearts happy!!!!!!

  2. Linda thank you for sharing your story with us. It's great to get to know you better and put a face with a name. Best of success with your shops!

  3. What a wonderful story Linda!! It is so great to finally "meet" you!!

  4. It is so wonderful to learn more about you. I didn't know that you and Leanna were sisters! How awesome is that? See this is why this blog is so important!:)
    Any who, Thanks for sharing your story and it was a pleasure having you featured for the week~

  5. Great story, nice to learn a little bit more about you Linda!


  6. It's so nice to get to know a little bit more about you Linda!

  7. Nice to meet you Linda! I had a "sense" that you and Leanna were related but I never would have guessed that you were sisters :)) I have two sisters and they are my very best friends.


  8. Fabulous article. Had no idea you were sisters. It has been fun featuring your items this week.

  9. I couldn't agree more with your last statement. Some find it difficult to understand how you can be friends with people you have never met.

  10. It is so nice to learn more about you :D

  11. It is so lovely to know the person behind the TAGT leader and to know who stays behind this a bit strange antler shop. Linda is so great looking! And my little daughter was crazy about your Minie Mouse, she was so happy "Mom is having Minie at PC!"
    Cheers, Linda! Be happy and also many happy Antler sales! :))

  12. Loved reading your story, Linda! I didn't know that you and Leanna were sisters. I hope you make make it to Arizona!

  13. Linda, we are kindred spirits. Ask my husband how often I talk about Arizona. And this part, ""I always felt I should go on to be Something Important - like a Neurosurgeon, discover a cure for something, somehow leave my mark...but I was too interested in Everything to focus and have the dedication to complete just 1 area of study. Consequently, I never figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up." I am so glad I read this. I have spent so many years of my life wondering what's wrong with me that I'm not able to "just pick something and be happy" and now I know. Thank you for sharing more about yourself with us! It was so much fun featuring your shop in creative ways!

  14. It is so nice to meet you Linda and I had no idea that you and Leanna are sisters. It was a lovely story to read and to see you in person. I too hope that you make it to Arizona.

    Wonderfully written Leanna!