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Monday, October 3, 2011

TAGT Featured Shop of the Week: Pet Collage!

There's never a dull moment on the TAGT Team! We're constantly doing new and exciting projects and the most recent one we launched in mid-July is our Featured Shop Project.

Each week, we feature one of the fabulous shops within our team. This week, we are featuring Nancy's shop, Pet Collage Paradise!

Get a cup of your favorite beverage and sit with us a moment and get to know a wonderful lady!

First, I asked Nancy to tell us what inspires her.
"I started taking photographs many years ago but have no formal training as an artist. Why pet collages? Well, the pieces just fell into place over time, just like a collage does. I took some good photos of animals, made some collages for friends, then I got a cat and had an AHA moment. Why not make pet collages for fun AND profit? The fun part is handled - the profit part, not so much - yet!"

Artists are usually surrounded by all sorts of materials. Here are some of Nancy's favorites: handmade papers, rhinestones, vintage ephemera, and pretty miniature things (that she's always buying everywhere she goes). She loves stickers too.

I also asked her to share some of her favorite items for sale in her shop. Take a look at these lovely creations!

"My current favorites are the "I love" line. I'm quite proud of these, especially since I figured out how to make my own backgrounds and how to use photoshop to write on stuff. (in this case,on dresses)

I'm working on the "top 10" - the most popular dog breeds. So far, I've done Shitztzus, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Poodles and Beagles. I can custom make an "I love" collage to feature any animal and can even include images of an actual pet and person.

Nancy treasures her talent as a recent blogger. She's having fun with her new site and hopes you will become a follower at http://www.petpooparazzi.blogspot.com/

When I asked her about other hobbies she'd like to develop, she only replied that she wants to have more time for making collages and writing for her blog.

We love our teammates for the personality they bring to our team. Nancy is no exception. She is passionate about her relationship with animals and the role they play in enriching the lives of humans. Here are some final thoughts she'd like to share with you.
"I am a clinical social worker with a private practice and I also work at a middle school helping kids deal with the dramas of the pre-teen years (OMG!) For the holidays, I'm thinking of offering anyone who buys a pet collage a free therapy session! In my professional opinion, though, the best therapy of all is having an animal companion...And if you live near a dog beach, going there and just taking it all in. I consider dog beaches "heaven on earth" and myself a "Chicago beach pawparazzi". Check out some of the photos on my blog at http://www.petpooparazzi.blogspot.com/2011/07/bullies-on-beach.html

I donate a portion of sales to Chicago's "Red Door Shelter", where all kinds of animals are rescued and the only place in the city that rescues rabbits. I'm a member of ETSY's team EFA - Artists for Animals, a wonderful group of artists who contribute to animal related causes and promote animal welfare.

On a final note and I do mean final, I lost my beloved Persian cat, Roscoe, a few months ago. I miss him madly.
This is a photo of Nancy as a child with her beloved dog, Nicky. "These are the most important animals in my life (along with my husband, Steve, of course!)".


  1. Such a nice interview! Her interview is just as I pictured her being! I agree totally with the love animals bring us~ I love mine. When we lose one it's like losing a family MEMBER~ ( sometimes worse~)My Husband won't even agree to getting another Lab after we lost ours last summer. Said he can't go through the loss again~

    Roscoe was a beautiful cat- I'm sure you do miss him. I Love my 2 cats, I call them my Co-Workers! They are always at my feet!

    Thanks for a little look inside your private life~ love it!


  2. Oh my god, I love her even more than I did before. Not only for her amazing collage work, but for the love of animals we share, and for letting me in on that awesome EFA team that I am going to try to join right this second! What a fantastic interview!

    Long live Roscoe, we all know he is running wild in the magical world of cats and he is most likely king of them all!


  3. Fabulous interview. I love your work:)

  4. Posting a comment from Rich at Sizzle Strapz:

    I am loving this Blog!! Very fresh and new :) The featured shop has AMAZING and fun products..I am loving the " I love" series too. Great interview. I am going to support this the best I can and hope to take it higher in Bloggosphere ! Good luck and God bless :)


  5. The blog looks fantastic and I love the interview and photos of Nancy.


  6. You can really see Nancy's personality in her artwork.
    It's great to see an artist having so much fun!!

  7. Love this blog!! The interview with Nancy is great.
    Such fun in her collages!!
    Nice to get to know her a bit more!!
    Recipe's too?!! Love it! Janet

  8. Love the idea to enrich the blog with insights into team members' lives. I have always enjoyed Nancy's collages and if I can gather enough photos of Florence (our rescue), would love to get that as a gift for her dad. So often, we allow our pets to become our co-pilots, and their loss is intense.

    Very sorry to hear about Roscoe, Nancy, but I feel that at the right time you will bring another loving little soul into your life; everything is timing. Thank you for your creations and addition to the team.

    Thanks Leanna for bringing this all together.

  9. Great interview! It's nice to know Nancy a little better and her collages are adorable! :)

    Little Vintage Cottage
    The Vintage Dresser
    C'est Magnifique

  10. I've adored your collages from the moment I first saw them. One of these days I will ask you to create a custom one with a gray tabby. :) ~Linda