TAG Treasury Team

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Challenge Week on the TAGT Team!

Each month, we hold a Challenge within our team. We usually take 2 days to complete the task of dividing up all 188 of our team shops by the number of paricipants, who then must create treasuries around 4 or 5 of their teammates. We then have a secret list of criteria that each treasury must meet in order to be selected as winners. We are awarding prizes for 2 of the 3 days.

This month we actually have 3 days to work with as the excitement for the project grows! On Tuesday, October 18th, we had our "non-prize" day. Each particpant featured their assigned shops for the day and there were some GORGEOUS treasuries made! Take a look here:


Today, Wednesday, October 19th begins our "prize" day. Each participant is featuring 4 teammates and our Featured Shop of the week, Arlene's Boutique, if they can. There will be 2 winners chosen from this day and they will receive prizes that have been donated by team members! How fun is that!! Check out the lovely treasuries that were created today.


To make this day EXTRA special, we have enlisted the help of another team to act as our judges for this event; Positivity Team! They were so gracious as to accept our invitation to act as impartial judges and we appreciate it very much! Please visit their team shops here:

What's even more fun is that they will be sharing their votes for first and second place in the blog comments so you will be able to watch it unfolding before your very eyes! A BIG THANK YOU to the Positivity Team! YOU ROCK!


  1. Ok, I'm the first!

    First place for me is


    A very close second is


    All the treasuries were gorgeous but these two just sang to me. I want everything in them!!!

  2. It was SOOOO hard to choose--they were all lovely!

    My first place choice:


    And second place choice:


    Thanks for having us--it was so much fun!

  3. A very talented team, these must be some of the most beautiful items on Etsy.
    First place would have to be
    I just love the moody colour
    A very close second:

    Thanks for inviting us along for the ride

  4. This is my choice for first place. The use of the chartruese and the red with black was wonderful. Very sharp.

  5. OPpS!

    here is #1


  6. #2 with the beautiful use of purples as well as the photograghs.

  7. http://www.etsy.com/treasury/MTAzNTIxODZ8OTE4ODY1MzUy/she-walks-in-beauty

    OOOPPPSSS! I did it again! At any rate this is my #2 choice.

  8. Thank you for having our team help choose - all of the treasuries were very beautiful.

    My first place would be

    and for second

    Everyone have a Great Day

  9. Such GORGEOUS treasuries!!!

    My choice for First Place would go to this soft, serene treasury:

    Second Place would go to this vibrant purple treasury:

    Thanks so much for inviting our team to judge these wonderful treasuries!

    Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

    Sweetly, Kate