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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Featured Shop of the Week: Janet Long Arts!

Janet Long of Janet Long Arts grew up in Seattle, Washington, where her father was a Presbyterian Minister. “I'm a Child of God,” she says.

Classically trained in both piano and voice, Janet graduated from the University of Washington’s School of Music, the very place she met her husband, Eric, of 45 years. When they bumped into each other in college, they soon discovered that they had met long before, back when they were toddlers.

During the 1950s, both sets of their parents were involved in founding a private Christian school in Seattle. Janet’s folks attended organizational meetings at Eric’s family home. Little Janet tagged along.

“Eric and I met when we were two or three years old. Then sixteen years later we met again,” she remembers. “I attended an Inter-Varsity social event at the University of Washington. I was looking for a speaker for our church’s college peer group. He volunteered and that was it - still is .”

After graduation, Janet founded a music program at a private school while teaching piano and choir, earning enough to put Eric through medical school. As he continued his education, they moved to Detroit for his medical internship, where Janet continued teaching music part-time.

“When we moved to Cincinnati for Eric’s three-year residency,” Janet recalls, “we had two of our four children. I was blessed to be able to stay at home with them.” She continued to teach piano and choir, all while raising and home-schooling their children.

On doctor’s orders, she had to cut back on her hectic schedule due to health issues. “It was hard,” says Janet, now the mother of four grown children, Grandmother to four, and Mama to a large German Shepherd, Koenig, and a small Chihuahua named Poppy.

“My mother and grandma are my creative inspiration. My mom knitted and sewed so much beauty in her lifetime.” Janet’s mother was a professional knitter for a handmade children’s shop in Portland, Oregon, and her grandmother made draperies and upholstery for upscale homes & offices.

Janet launched her own website, www.janetlongarts.com, in early 2011, so the decision to open her shop on Etsy wasn’t a difficult one. “Since my website was up and running ,” says Janet, “I already had photos of my items, so it wasn’t a huge jump to put a few things into my Etsy shop. TAGT has intensified my involvement with Etsy, so I’m spending a lot more time on Etsy than on my website now. There is ‘community’ on Etsy that I enjoy.”
When asked to pick a few favorite items from her shop, Janet provides a long list. Here are a few of the highlights:

“Triplets” watercolor painting:

Rainbow Mitts:

“Rose’s Hip Parade” photo:

Cobalt Scarf:

Janet feels she her greatest talent is “trying to do too much! My husband tells me I have $10 worth of energy to spend and I try to spend $100. I have yet to find a shop or store that sells energy,” she laughs. Along that same line, she has numerous online outlets she uses to promote her wares:

WEBSITE: www.janetlongarts.com
ETSY: Janet Long Arts
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/pages/Janet-Long-Arts/192517394097105
BLOG: www.janetlongarts.com/blogabout.html
TWITTER: twitter.com/jwl43

…as well as Twitpic, Stumbleupon and LinkedIn.

Janet advises people to “be thankful for what you have. It doesn’t keep you from having more, but maybe it paves the way for more. If it doesn’t bring ‘more,’ it brings contentment.” When asked what she’s passionate about, her answer is no surprise, after hearing her story and looking at her vivid, vibrant shop. “Faith, family and COLOR!”

Interview and Article by Linda Loca of Fire Grog Studio

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